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The Best Location for Engagement Shoot's

When deciding to make the decisions to have an engagement video or not, the next decision to make is where to shoot it. Here are the main things to consider.

The number one thing to consider is where you will be comfortable. Somewhere generally that has a lot of space, not too many people to put you off and where there is flexibility to go to a few different spots. On this engagement shoot I tagged along with Esme Whiteside Photography. Where we went to beacon fell and did the engagement shoot for Melissa and Elliott.

Beacon fell is perfect for this. Lots of variety in shots in the same location, wide and open to get away from bystanders and also looks great on camera. This is a location I highly recommended to my couples and plan on continue using for future shoots. I'm open to new location ideas that are within a reasonable distance, that may be unique to you.

Here is the final video from the shoot.

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