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What to Expect from an Engagement Video

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

When couples make a booking for a wedding, they typically ask what does an engagement video consist of. Here is a quick insight of what to expect on the day.

After a booking has been confirmed and the interest of an engagement video has been made, we will then make a mutual agreement on a suitable location. This is a great opportunity to work alongside the photographer you have booked for your wedding too. For this shoot I worked with a photographer I highly recommend Manchester Wedding Photographer Phil Salisbury. Me and Phil have been working with each other for a couple of years now, so we know exactly how to work around one another. This is absolutely key on your wedding day and something you need to take into consideration, when booking both your wedding photographer and videographer. Always look for either of their recommended supplier to get the best results on the day.

Once a time and location has been agreed by all parties, it's all done and dusted until the day of the shoot. A lot of couples feel intimidated by these shoots as they feel it will be cringe and they will feel awkward on camera. Truth be told, that's far from what it will be like. The shoot will take around one hour, and it will consist of around 3-4 different spots local to the location. We will not have you doing anything expected from a Hollywood Film (unless that's something you'd like), but more just fooling around and having a laugh together.

These shoots are more about the couple feeling comfortable around the cameras. It is the best way to break the ice before the wedding, and also have something created for you that you probably wouldn't have had done otherwise. Think of it as a rehearsal before your wedding day, but without dozens of people around. It's always great fun and a really good way to meet each other before the wedding day.

Here's an example of an engagement video shot earlier this year.

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