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10 Powerful Reasons Why Your Website Needs a Promo Video

Did you know that 45% of businesses use promo explainer videos on their home page? Furthermore, that 83% of those businesses believe those videos to be effective for their marketing?

Unlike other video content you may use on your website, promo videos give you a chance to explain who you are and what you do. So I’d like to focus on this specific subset of video marketing for WordPress; specifically, the kinds of promotional videos you’d find on your home, services, or landing pages.

You can use promo videos to serve a number of purposes on your website.

To promote:

. Your company by educating visitors on its history, focus on philanthropy, strong leadership, or some other meaningful segment worth highlighting.

. Your products (through demonstrations, 360-degree views, etc.).

. How a service works to improve the lives of customers.

. A new product, service, or an otherwise big change for the company that promises to have a positive impact on customers.

Those are just the things you can do with a promotional video. But what about the benefits?

1. Outshine the competition

Because promotional videos allow you to get up close and personal with your visitors, you’re giving them a chance to see something that your competition hasn’t been as transparent about. When it comes time to compare the two, there’ll be no question in their minds as to which is better… because they’ve seen yours in action.

2. Humanize your brand

If you use real people within your promo videos, you’re giving your audience a chance to put a face to all those words and images on your site. Even if you choose not to show off your CEO or the people doing the work behind the scenes, including a strong human element may be enough to help visitors more strongly connect to your brand. That’s not something that’s so easily accomplished with content alone. If you want them to see your true personality, promo videos are a great way to do it.

3. Maintain eye contact

You wouldn’t go about creating content if you knew your visitors weren’t interested in it, right? Say you discovered that they just really didn’t dig infographics. You probably wouldn’t spend the money or time to create them then.

Animoto found that four times as many consumers preferred watching product promo videos instead of reading about the products. So, if you want to keep them looking at what matters most on your site, keep their eyes trained to your pages with video.

4. Cover your bases

On a related note, 25% of consumers told Animoto that they lose interest in a website if there’s no video on it. Even though that’s only a quarter of your audience, it’s still a sizeable enough chunk to inspire you to get video on your site ASAP (in addition to all the other types of content you’ll use to engage everyone else).

5. Speak their language

For many service-based businesses, it can be difficult to explain to prospective customers what you do or why they may need your service. This is especially true for technology companies trying to cater to an older audience. What you can do, then, is simplify your business and use a language they understand.

6. Start the conversation

When your site is new or your brand unheard of, a promo video can take your visitors from feeling like they’ve entered a completely alien terrain to feeling like they’re at home, chilling on the sofa with their best friends. If done right, you can use a promo video as a conversation starter and open the lines of communication by welcoming your visitors to your site.

7. Give mobile users more shareable content

Videos, in general, are an incredibly shareable content type. They’ve actually proven to be even more popular with mobile users as 92% of people who watch videos on their phones share them with others. By using a responsive video gallery plugin on your site, they’ll basically have no excuse to not share yours.

8. Improve your SEO

Back in 2016, Wistia conducted a study on how video affected time on site—something we know to be quite helpful in SEO. What they found was that, when video is present, users spend an average of 7 minutes and 21 seconds on those pages. Compare that to pages without video, where users spent an average of 2 minutes and 48 seconds, and that should settle any debate in your mind as to whether you should use video on your site or not.

9. Increase visibility in search

The more time your visitors spend on your site, the happier search engines will be with you. That’s a fact. What’s also a fact is that search engine users tend to favor video results. An Invodo eye-mapping study showed that users’ attention went directly to video results over all others on a search engine results page.

10. Load up those shopping carts

At the end of the day, all these increased engagements are great, but your ultimate goal is to get conversions out of them. That’s why e-retailer went to work on building a library of product videos produced by their merchants. They then studied the behavior of consumers as it related to those videos.

Can you guess what they found? Consumers who viewed those promotional product videos were 144% more likely to put those products into their shopping carts than if they hadn’t watched a video.

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