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Do I Need a Videographer Based Near Me To Do My Wedding?

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

To answer this question you must ask yourself three things. Do I like there work? Have they got good reviews? Are they in my budget?

Do I like there work?

Now there are hundreds of wedding videographers across the U.K. from top to bottom. So you do not need to limit yourself to videographers that live near your local town. There are two main videography styles which they typically use. One being documentary, which focuses on being a fly on the wall and capturing everything as it was. The next style is actually a mixture of documentary, which still captures precious moments naturally and also setting up the odd shot. For example, a groom tying up his shoe lace or a bride looking into the distance through the window. This style is typically known as a cinematic wedding video. Where the end product looks more like a movie as appose to a documentary. Compare the two styles and see which one works for you. Both are amazing in their own unique ways, but one will be more suited to you than the other.

Have they got good reviews?

You only get married once (hopefully). So the last thing you want is to spend hundreds or thousands of pounds, to someone royally mess up your wedding day. Every videographer must start somewhere, however, if you are a paying customer you expect a professional product. Check their reviews on Facebook, the feedback on the comments section on their Facebook video posts and even ask their old couples! If you plan on getting your wedding video done, get it done right.

Are they in my budget?

Sometimes you will fall off your chair when you get a quote of a wedding videographer. Packages can go up to £3000 and more! However generally speaking, there is usually an obvious reason as to why there are so much. As they are much better than your best mates cousin, who will do it for £100 and a drink at the bar. The national average for a wedding video is £1036 across the whole U.K.. So say you've found the perfect videographer, they've got a style you love and amazing reviews, but they cost £1500. Yes, that is a lot of money. However. You do not get a second chance to film your wedding. If you miss the shot, you've missed the shot. So when thinking of spending a large amount on a wedding videographer, think of it as an investment. Would you rather pay the amount, knowing a professional is going to capture your wedding absolutely perfectly for something to keep forever. Or, rely on your mates cousin to hopefully have all of his settings right and lens cap off? I will leave you with that.

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