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Top 5 Tips for Making Videos On Your Phone. By Blackpool Videographer, Just by Michael.

Top 5 Tips for Making Videos On Your Phone. By Blackpool Videographer, Just by Michael.

1: Lighting

Poor lighting is an instant no for video. You can easily notice the difference between good lighting and bad, if you were to do a side by side comparison.

So whenthis is on your phone, use a strong light source like a strong continuous light e.g. ring light or continuous lights from eBay.

Or if you are on a budget, find a window

that does not have the sun shining directly

into your eyes.

2: Composition

Although using the rule of thirds is a great way to setup a shot, it may be better to position yourself directly in the middle, if you are shooting this on your phone or budget setup. This allows you to fit this into at least 3 versions. A landscape, square and vertical format. All of which will be better on different platforms. For example, landscape for your website, square

for facebook and vertical for Instagram.

3: Audio

Nothing is more cringe worthy when you are trying to listen to a video, but can't hear them for background noises or people talking. For using your phone, you can use your headphones as long as they have an audio output (you can speak to people on the phone whilst using them) and record the audio on an App through either the Appstore or Playstore, by typing in audio recorder.

4: Video Length

Keep it short and keep it clean! Even though you may feel you can provide more value by giving more information, you will gradually lose the audiences interest as you ramble on when you start hitting the 60 second mark. Doing videos on your phone can be very resourceful, but you must do them in the right manor. Keeping it short enough so people don't get bored of watching you waffle on, and

long enough so people are getting the

valuable information from you. I'd recommend

no longer than 60 seconds at the absolute most,

30 seconds being the sweet spot.

5: Be Yourself

As cliche as this is, it's so very true. Trying to come across as the next big entrepreneur of the year can be so unbarring to watch, however being very timid and shy can also be awkward. So what's the answer? Be yourself. For people who know you, they'll be able to see a fake persona, and will appreciate you being yourself and gives your

business/brand a true identity of who you really are.

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