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Why I Love Being a Videographer - Blackpool videographer, Just by Michael.

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

One thing I've always loved doing, is creating. Whether it has been making a wooden table in high school for coursework, creating skateboard videos as a teenager or doing some DIY in my room to stop something falling apart, I just love to create.

Not only do I have a burning desire to create,

but I also love a great story. I'm especially drawn

to intense stories and ones that emotionally

connect with me and also make me think.

So by being a videographer, it allows me the

opportunity to give people the same feeling

that I get when I watch a great film or

documentary, but it being the story of

their business. Receiving positive feedback

from my clients saying how much they love it,

truly makes me so happy and honoured to

do what I do.

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