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Why is Video Content Important in Marketing?

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

Did you know, after Google, YouTube is the largest search engine on the internet? This demonstrates how sought-after moving image and video marketing can be.

Below are the top 10 reasons illustrating why video, in the use of content marketing, needs to be an essential part of your marketing strategy.

1. Sustaining Prolonged User Attention

Videos increase the users attention and will ensure visitors, on average, stay on your website for longer, making them more likely to engage with your content. “One fifth of viewers will click away from a video within 10 seconds or less” so it is vital to capture the attention of the viewer quickly in order to draw them into your content.

2. Increasing Awareness and Engagement

Statistics show that visitors are 10 times more likely to react, comment and share a video post on social media rather than an ordinary text-based post. This will increase the circulation of the video and information and the awareness of your business.

3. Higher Retention Rates

Video is the strongest way to demonstrate content. “93% of marketers use video” rather than text-based content to communicate their messages.

4. Accessibility Increase

Creating video is now an easily accessible process for any business, meaning the creation of the video content is now a much more affordable process than in the past. In addition to creation of video content, accessibility across all devices is key. Research shows that smartphone users are twice as likely to view your video than a desktop user, showing consideration across all viewing platforms is essential.

5. Video Driven Technological Advances

Stay up to date! Technological advances are frequently being developed, and the use of video is becoming an increasingly important tool to catch the audience’s attention, as they want to be able to interact with technology and also your brand. For example, the use of auto-play videos makes it impossible for visitors to miss the marketing material.

6. Excellent Response Opportunities

Increase the amount of feedback you receive by having a feedback loop embedded into your video, this can instantly tell you what worked well and what didn’t. This loop will allow you to monitor the number of times your video was watched and measure the drop off points and the click through rate of your videos. Overall this will allow you to effectively tailor your video content to your target audience.

7. Stronger Email Possibilities

By using video within your emails, statistics show that this doubled the amount of information that users retained and increased general awareness. This, in tern, increases the number of emails read and can also increase the number of email responses received.

8. Evoking Emotion Through Video

Using music, tone of voice and facial expressions, you can evoke certain emotions and feelings to accompany the video. This creates an impactful effect in a subconscious and subtle way. By doing this it can influence the audience to react in a certain way toward your business.

9. Customer Conversions

Video marketing converts more site visitors into paying customers, resulting in more business for your company. Research shows that pages with video are 800% more likely to have visitors buy and invest into your company, after watching a promotional marketing video.

10. Ensure your SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is More Advanced

By adding a video to your website, you can increase the amount of times your page is viewed and also increase the Google search ranking of your high performing pages.

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